Brand Identity Package

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Brand Identity Package

The Brand Identity Package is a comprehensive and collaborative process aimed at elevating businesses through a distinctive checklist. We begin by diving into the essence of the business, conducting in-depth analysis, and engaging in discussions with our clients.

Our process is broken into 3 steps:

  1. Logo Design Process
  2. Brand Purpose Development
  3. Brand Style Guide

At the end of this process, clients receive a professionally designed and finalized logo, reflecting their brand identity, a refined brand purpose and mission, as well as a detailed target customer profile. The final deliverable is brand style guide, a comprehensive document that serves as the guide for consistent and effective brand representation.

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

1. Initial Consultation:

  • Objective: Understand the client’s vision and preferences for the logo.
  • Questions:
    • Do you want an icon or mascot alongside the company name and slogan?
    • What elements are essential in the logo design?
    • Do you have a specific vision for the logo, or are you open to suggestions?

2. Inspiration Gathering:

  • Request:
    • Ask the client to provide 3-4 logos of other companies they admire.
    • Encourage them to share any specific design elements they like.

3. Design Concepts – Round 1:

  • Approach:
    • Create 5 initial logo concepts in black and white.
    • Focus on simplicity and versatility in these initial designs.

4. Client Review – Round 1:

  • Feedback:
    • Ask the client to review the initial concepts.
    • Prompt them to identify elements they like and dislike in each design.
    • Encourage specific feedback to guide the next iteration.

5. Design Concepts – Round 2:

  • Adjustments:
    • Based on client feedback, create 3 new logo concepts.
    • Integrate preferred elements from the first round.

6. Client Review – Round 2:

  • Feedback:
    • Present the revised concepts for client review.
    • Discuss any additional preferences or adjustments.

7. Final Design Refinement:

  • Tweaks:
    • Make any small tweaks or adjustments based on client requests.
    • Ensure the client is satisfied with the final design details.

8. Presentation of Final Design:

  • Delivery:
    • Share the finalized logo design in both black and white.
    • Present the design in color, incorporating the agreed-upon elements.
    • Ensure the client is content with the overall look and feel.

9. Design File Delivery:

  • Formats:
    • Provide the logo in various formats suitable for different use cases (print, web, etc.).
    • Include a style guide that outlines logo usage guidelines.
Brand Purpose Development
  • Mission Statement:
    • Collaborative discussion to define the core purpose and values of the business.
    • Identification of the unique selling proposition (USP) that sets the brand apart.
  • Target Customer Worksheet:

    • Creation of a worksheet to help the client clearly identify and understand their target audience.
    • Questions to define demographics, psychographics, and pain points of their ideal customers.
  • Outcome:

    • A clear and concise mission statement that reflects the brand’s purpose.
    • Completed target customer worksheet to guide marketing efforts.
Brand Style Guide
  • Definition:

    • A comprehensive document that outlines the visual elements of the brand.
    • Ensures consistency in branding across various platforms and materials.
  • Components:

    • Logo Usage: Guidelines on how to use the logo in different contexts and sizes.
    • Color Palette: Defined color codes for the brand’s primary and secondary colors.
    • Typography: Specification of fonts and their usage in different scenarios.
    • Imagery Style: Guidance on the types of images that align with the brand.
  • Benefits:

    • Establishes a cohesive and professional brand image.
    • Streamlines future design processes and collaborations.


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